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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

where you can find me

Since this blog has been on hiatus for... a while, I thought I'd list a few online places where I'm active or somewhat active.

me on twitter
(I am active in spurts)

me on tumblr
(yes I will tumble soon. SOON. #markmywords)

me on pinterest
(mostly book inspiration and apocalypse costumes)

me on facebook
(I also have a fan page I don't update much, for now)

me on ya highway
(posting regularly alongside my awesome author companions)

me on instagram
(come share my filter love affair)

also, because I promised burning man pictures in my last post -- here are a few.

dust & stars
how I dress every day in my head
the french quarter
looking toward wall street

dust storm
inside the temple
the man explodes
this was real life

post-apoc homecoming

the temple, aflame

Thursday, August 23, 2012

off to the wild wilderness of wildness

I haven't blogged in one point five million years.

SO! The last one point five million years in a nutshell:
1) I've been working tirelessly on a never-ending book project, the details of which I will share as soon as possible, promise!
2) also, I've been working on couple other unrelated book projects that are different and exciting.
3) travel. Not abroad, but stuff like a week with my best beloveds in SF and a wondrous YA Highway writing retreat in Colorado.
4) depression. Recognizing it, getting help, and treating it for the first time in my life. I probably will have more to say about that, but need a bit more space from it, since I've only just stepped out of the woods in the last couple months & the path is still tricky.

...which I am heading to tomorrow. Well, Reno first, and then into the bright white shiny dusty wilderness the next day. This is my third year (2010, 2011) but my first as camp leader of a theme camp called dust & stars. Planning and organizing and sewing and costume-making has been my stress and joy of the last couple months, and I am absolutely overwhelmed with excitement.

As ever, I'll share some photos on the other side. They say it's going to be the dustiest year ever, but I am so ready to face the apocalyptic wonderland.

(In my handmade elfin hoods.)


Thursday, June 14, 2012

cover reveal of kristin halbrook's debut!

haha, just kidding. That is my husband and me posing like the cover of Kristin Halbrook's YA debut, Nobody But Us. To see the REAL cover (and more silly authors), head over to YA Highway!

BONUS! here's an outtake:

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

so you wanna be a backpacker...

So you've read Wanderlove and now you totally want to backpack, right?? If you're seriously considering it -- and I hope you are! -- check out my travel piece for Lost Girls:

Looking Back: Travel Tips for My 20-Year-Old Self

While I was 20 the first time I backpacked, these tips apply to new backpackers of any age, and even non-backpacking travelers.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

a puppy apology

to apologize for not blogging in forever and ever, here is a picture of my dog, sky.
we call him skyball for a reason.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

dauntless and abnegation

INSURGENT is out today! In honor of our brilliant friend & co-blogger Veronica Roth, YA Highway got its faction on. Here's me as Dauntless and Abnegation.
(we bought that stone sword in a creepy shop in Cambodia!)
(I feel like I'm showing a little too much leg for Abnegation, but what can you do.)

ALSO: tonight at 6pst/9est, I'll be talking about Wanderlove live on YA Highway. Come ask me questions! All the questions! You can also talk Wanderlove in the comments section here.

Friday, April 27, 2012

WANDERLOVE will be published in Indonesia!

Just received news that Wanderlove will be published in Indonesia by Gramedia, Indonesia's largest publisher! It won't be out for a while, but it is super exciting to know Wanderlove will exist in the natural habitat of these guys:
Because if there is any animal I love as much as baby sloths, it is orangutans. Hooray!

In other news, my interview with Liz Burns is featured on the School Library Journal Blog today. Some great questions, like "was there a particular moment or trip when you realized you were “traveler” and no longer a “tourist”?"